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Shark 53

Profile 'Shark 53'  yacht / racing sail boat
    Length:  53

     Beam:   12 4

     Draft:   6 4

     Displacement:  27,648 lbs.

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     Shark is a design concept that is a bit radical. She was designed for the person who likes to sail hard and fast.  The deck has more camber than usual which allows for better footing at extreme angles of heel.  It also gives more room below decks while keeping a sleek shape. Although her cockpit is well aft of mid ships, she has room for a generous aft cabin with full head room. The wide combing area in front of the cockpit will hold the fuel and water filler, air intake for the engine, and ventilation for the main cabin under flush hatches so there will be no protrusions on deck to trip over. The bulb, which is formed into the keel, blends into the hull for easy flow and strength. It will be much stronger than a fin keel that has been bolted on. The rig shown for shark is patterned after some of today's top racing sail plans. The highly roached main is as efficient as a Bermudan rig can be. The jib is fractional,  and a number of jib sizes are optional.  We show a symmetrical spinnaker, though an asymmetrical would be an option also. The hull shape and ballast configuration allow the sail area to be very high in relation to both the displacement (SA/D of 23) and the wetted surface (2.95:1).
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