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Snowbird - a Scow Houseboat

Profile 'Snowbird'  yacht / small craft / house boat / power boat design     Loa:  41             Beam:   16 

     LWL:   32          Draft:   2  

     Displacement:   46,000 Lbs 

     Living Area:   430 Sq. Ft (inside) 

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     Scows are renowned for their ability to carry large loads efficiently. Their history is intertwined with commerce on the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific coastal and river waters. This Scow Houseboat has its roots in the scow schooners of the late 1800s Gulf Coast region. Though it could be rigged for sail in a variety of ways, we show it as a motor vessel only, thus allowing easier access to many inland waterways. We envision it as a moving home, intended to be moored or docked in one spot for a while, and capable of comfortable coastal or intercoastal voyages as the seasons dictate. It has generous living space and all the comforts of an apartment, but is laid out to be safe to move around in while underway. Construction would be optimized for any sheet material, though plywood or aluminum would be our preference. We envision power by a generator coupled to a rotating electric drive aft and a maneuvering thruster forward.
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