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Our Design Concept Portfolio

The boats pictured on the following pages are concepts that we have created to stimulate the imagination of a person contemplating having a boat custom designed and built.  They are not completed beyond what is shown, meaning there are no other design drawings or specifications other than form, length, beam, draft and approximate displacement weight.  They illustrate our idea of timeless styling that will turn heads in any marina…today and for many, many years to come. power boat page   Each craft has been created with a particular type of boating experience in mind, and may be customized in dimension and style to fit your needs.  
We invite you to read and enjoy our creations, and hope our designs and your imagination leads you to bring us your own concept when you are ready to create your dream. sail boat page  Please feel free to comment on these concepts whether you like them or not.  Your comments will help us to try to meet the needs and desires of the boating public.
If you have any questions at all about these boats or anything else having to do with designing and building, please call or  e-mail us.  We will be happy to chat with you.
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