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Norske 46

Norske 46 power boat profile
    Length:   46 7

     Beam:   13 11

     Draft:   4  

     Displacement:   24,880 Lbs.

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     Norske is designed to be a go anywhere cruiser or motor sailor.  She is both seaworthy and sea kindly with very easy motions.  With a draft of 4 she can go into shallow waters where most heavy, long range cruisers her length could not go.  Her full displacement hull is extremely easy to drive.  On a perfectly still day with flat water, traveling at eight knots, she would need less than 30 hp at the propeller, using approximately one and a half gallons of fuel per hour.  If going into strong winds and high seas, horsepower needs would increase significantly. Therefore, Norske should be powered by twin 35 to 45 hp engines with controllable pitch propellers. On nice days, one could cut one engine and feather one propeller while adjusting the other propeller on the running engine to desired speed.  This would maximize efficiency regardless of speed. Although Norske is primarily a power boat, she can be equipped with sails.  In the other views of the Norske, she is shown fitted with a simple square sail for running down wind.
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