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Norseman 56

Profile 'Norseman 56'  yacht / sail boat design
    Length:  56’

     Beam:   16’11”

     Draft:   8’1”

     Displacement:  85,376 lbs.

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     The Norseman 56 is styled after a Norwegian fishing boat called a Skøyte. The Skøytes evolved over the years to be extremely functional and user friendly.  They had to handle the North Atlantic at its worst while being economical to run. The wheel house had to have good all around visibility and easy access to the deck. Above the waterline the Norseman 56 is very close in appearance to these boats.  They had clear topsides which were oiled and white bulwarks and wheel house. The bottom of the Norseman 56 has been modernized with less forefoot in front and slightly deeper keel.  The aft end has been stretched to create a longer water line and a swim platform. The twin simulated rudders are used as a ladder for easy access to the boat. The traditional rig of the Skøyte was the Gaff.  We show a main Gaff without the topsail, feeling that topsails seldom get used due to their complexity in rigging.  Being a motor sailor the sail area is modest, and could be enhanced with drifters set off the wind.  The purpose for this short sail is to allow the masts, which are stepped in tabernacles, to be lowered into cradles within the length of the vessel, making inland waterway cruising easy.  The rigs are split into three sections for good balance under all conditions.  If desired these vessels can be rigged with much more sail area than shown by using a taller mast that would not be set in a tabernacle and would only be un-stepped for service.  With its easy lines and moderate displacement/length ratio of just under 250 the Norseman 56 will have excellent sailing performance, even in light winds.
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