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Breeze 37

Profile 'Breeze 37'  yacht / sail boat design
    Length:  38’ 4”

     Beam:   10’10”

     Draft:   5’11”

     Displacement:  15,168 lbs.

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     Breeze is a light displacement, easy to sail family boat. Her shape is designed for speed and comfort. A bulb for ballast is faired into the keel, which is blended into the hull. A smooth transition between these segments helps reduce turbulence, increases the speed of the boat, and creates a stronger structure. Although her cockpit is at the aft one third of the boat, there is still room for an aft cabin, which is small, but sleeps two comfortably on separate berths. There is nearly two-thirds of the boat designated for the main cabin, which can be laid out to the new owner’s preferences. The sail plan shown on Breeze is a two masted unstayed rig. Though unconventional in appearance it has much to offer the cruising enthusiast. No standing rigging means less windage and drag, fewer possible areas for rig problems, and less weight up high. Sail handling is easy with both the sails being on wishbones, and safer with no boom to hit you in an accidental jibe. The masts would pivot along with the rig, keeping the best airflow at all times at the sail-mast interface. Because the mast pivots, and there are no shrouds in the way, you could sail a bit by the lee and not worry about having to jibe at any particular point. The sail shape shown is battened and highly roached for better aerodynamics.
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