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Ciao Bella 17

Profile 'Ciao Bella 17'  yacht  / small craft / sail boat design     Length Overall:  17’

    Length Waterline:  15’

     Beam:   6¼’

     Draft:   1¾’

     Displacement:  1380 lbs.

     Sail Area:  173 Sq. Ft

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     Howard Chapelle was one of the world’s greatest nautical historians, as well as an accomplished Naval Architect, teacher and writer. His Hampden 17, described in detail in the lofting chapter of “Boatbuilding” (1941, 1994: W.W. Norton and Co.) is the inspiration for Ciao Bella, an unabashed tribute to his skill and artistic ability. Her sheer has been redefined slightly to make it planar, and the underwater profile redesigned to eliminate the centerboard while still giving good upwind performance. She’ll be just a wee bit heavier, but much more forgiving when the wind kicks up, allowing us old timers to stay inboard instead of hanging off the windward rail. The simple freestanding lug ketch rig has been untouched – it’s perfect for the design, both functionally and artistically, and can be set up or taken down in minutes. Construction would be relatively simple for an amateur if she was done in modern sheathed strip.
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